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5 Most Essential Aspects of Education


What are the most important aspects in education?


(A) Languages

Every parent teaches their babies how to talk. It is essential one knows how to utter understandable sounds. In the present world, you are better paralyzed than dumb! Stephen Hawking.

Know the lingua franca of the current world. In these few centuries, the English language has been the lingua france of the world. Learn that language and you will have access to all the world's knowledge.

Don't be a dumb American, who can only speak English and think that they can rule the world! Learn more than one language! Be wary of increasing in important of other languages. For example the Chinese Language. Who knows China will overpower US in economy power, making Chinese the lingua franca. You don't want to reach 30 years old and regret not able to speak an importnat language.

(B) Communication and Marketing Skills

If you can make sounds, you can talk, but it doesn't mean you can communicate. Communication is an important art that every needs to learn.

Ever seen some professors in universities who speak English but actually is conveying Martian? Or some people who just can't seem to join in the fun conversation that the whole group is having?

Learn how to communicate effectively.

Normally people who can communicate well, they can easily learn how to market themselves and products. No matter what level of society you are at, you need to know how to promote yourself, especially if you want to go up.

(C) Basic Math and Money Matters

Math is one important subject that you need to know at least the basics - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Everything in this world is made up of numbers - how many cells your body has, how many atoms planet earth has, how many starts in the galaxy, etc etc. Human just like to count. Number are just unavoidable. So, math is important!

Most people, learn math to count money! We should not just learn how to count numbers but also how to manage numbers. Every parent hope that their children will be able to sustain their own lives financially. Every teacher hopes to have a millionaire from their class. Every student wants to live good life and have a stable job. So, money management is a vital part of math that is lacking!

(D) Creative Thinking and Developing Skills

Creativity is the key to all doors in whichever field. In science, one needs creativity and innovation to come out with new scientific stuff. In art, creativity produces new packaging, advertisements, piece of art, etc. In business, creative business builders often have the upper hand. Everyone needs to be creative.

Some people are only creative but no determination. There is a need to help creative people to develop their skills into greatness.

(E) Leadership and Teamwork

Archimedes once had a bath himself to determine the density of gold. Isaac Newton starts thinking of gravitational force when an apple dropped on his head. Einstein locked himself up in his room to come out with his theory of relativity, brownian motion and photoelectric effect. ALL THESE DO NOT WORK IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

This century values teamwork. We seldom see a Nobel prize won by 1 single person anymore. It is usually 2 or 3 people winning one single Nobel prize. We don't see anymore Picaso or Michelangelo showing off their own piece of art, but we see an advertising company. Business are built on teams.

Only in a team, we can differentiate a leader and a follower. Leadership skills can be taught, depending on the level students are at. Different students with different strength in different fields can lead the team in solving tasks which require the skill they are good at. Thus, different people get to lead, more leaders can be raised, making the team more rounded.

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  1. Don't morals count as important aspects?

  2. Thank you so much it helped me in my essay writing. The format is easy to read and do keep up the great work! 😄


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